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It was not long ago, when the decision to found MercEst was made. As the saying goes: “If you like to criticize, then have the courage to act”

It took some time to get MercEst up and running. Now reached the milestone of having the supporting IT infrastructure, that should be there for a Software development company.

Get the basic and then improve, is the mantra. As you can stay in development for a lifetime, to get that perfect product. But real life scenarios are what create the waves and it’s more fun to learn to surf, then it is to be able to control them. In Estonia right now, small software development companies who are effective, agile and focused are best suited for the needs of 80% of the companies.

That said, what is still largely missing, is the right mindset to listen to the client and The Drive to solve their problems.

But as our moto is, big problems have to be broken down to smaller sizes and handled one by one. MercEst is just one part of the solution, to the bigger problem.

MercEst Development is small AGILE Software Development company.

We have Expert knowledge in JAVA.

Our Mission is to offer the BEST Communications and the BEST Solutions for our Clients.